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"History Smashers: Christopher Columbus and the Taino People," by Kate Messner (J 970.01), is the youth book-of-the-month.

In 1492, Columbus sailed the ocean blue, and discovered America? Not exactly. He never set foot in America, but actually landed on islands in the Caribbean and along the coast of South America. Both of these areas had long been populated by Indigenous peoples, including the Taino. And his real name was Christoforo Colombo. Learn the true story of Christopher Columbus.

The Friends of the Johnson County Public Library will hold their 2023 Fall Book Sale starting Friday, October 6th for members only, and Saturday, October 7th for the general public. The sale will run through Thursday, November 30th and will be open during regular library hours.

"Canary Girls: a novel," by Jennifer Chiaverini (F CHI), is the adult book-of-the-month.

Inspired by the true story of English women working in the munitions industry during WW I. Thousands of women answered their countries call for help during WW I. Often working grueling shifts and seven days a week, some women were building explosive munitions with little or no protective equipment. They began suffering unexplained illnesses, and a common symptom was a lurid yellow hue of their skin, earning them the nickname “Canary Girls.“ While the Canary Girls formed a football (soccer) team, and others work to identify the cause of their illnesses, tragedy takes it’s toll on the Canary Girls.

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UPDATE to the Interlibrary Loan Policy

Effective Monday, July 17, 2023, we will resume regular interlibrary loan service. The company that provides our courier service has agreed to finish out their contract. We will continue to receive Monday, Wednesday, and Friday deliveries.

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