public library

MoUNtain city, tn 

Library meeting facilities cannot be used for any purpose contrary to local, state or federal law. The room may not be used for political campaign events or for religious services.

For-profit groups and individuals, political campaigns and religious groups may use the library for purposes of holding internal business meetings and or educational events for their employees, members or clients, but may not make sales or promotions of products or services, proselytize or charge for the events.

Groups wishing to use library facilities must complete an application form indicating the purpose of the organization; the name, address and telephone number of authorized representatives; the organization's acceptance of the rules and guidelines for use of library facilities; and other such information as the library may require.

Applications expire December 31 each year and must be renewed. Applications should be renewed earlier if the contact person or other information changes.

The application will be approved or disapproved by the library director, with the advice and consent of the Board of Directors of the Johnson County Public Library. Permission can be revoked at any time for any reason.

If the the room is needed for a library event, the group may be asked to reschedule their event. Failure to comply with the Johnson County Public Library meeting room policy and guidelines will result in withdrawal of meeting room privileges.

Permission to use library facilities does not constitute endorsement of or agreement with a group's purpose, activities or views. Advertisements, announcements, press releases, flyers, etc. relating to non-library sponsored meetings should not imply that the meeting is sponsored by the Johnson County Public Library.

When an approved group reserves the room for a specific date, its representative must indicate the anticipated attendance.

An organization using library facilities, furniture and equipment is liable for any damage to the facility and/or equipment. Groups will be held liable for the actual cost of cleaning or repair caused by their use of the library.

The library assumes no responsibility for personal injury and/or damage to or loss of property of organizations or individuals incurred while using the meeting facilities. This includes personal property of attendees. Neither does it guarantee parking facilities for those attending the meeting.

Serving of beverages containing alcohol is not allowed on library property. No tobacco products are allowed on library property.

The library will make reasonable attempts to accommodate groups' needs but makes no guarantee that staff will be available to rearrange tables. You may move tables and chairs, but please move them back when the meeting is finished.

The Board of Directors of the Johnson County Public Library reserve the right to make changes to the policy, guidelines, and fees for use of library facilities, as it deems necessary and proper.

This is a handicap accessible facility and in non-discriminatory.


The Kathleen S Mount meeting room

in the Johnson County Public Library is available for use by groups and organizations in the community. Priority will be given to library programs and library related services, meetings and events (including the Friends of the Library and the Imagination Library.) Other applications will be considered on a first come, first serve basis.

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